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How about Rex glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-01
Focusing on safe driving and focusing on new safety technology, Rakes glasses are the first polarized driving glasses brand in China to obtain national patented technology. On the basis of ensuring the comfort of the product, the Rakes brand takes the brand concept of fashion quality as the element throughout the research and development and design of the entire product, emphasizing the integration of function and art into the product. Rex glasses have won the trust of consumers with their professional safety protection functions and fashionable styles. Rex Eyewear has been keeping up with the fashion trend in product design, and designs different series of products according to different groups of people. There are four main product series: Yashi series, celebrity series, dynamic series, and myopia series. These four series of glasses have their own It has a unique style, meets the needs of different drivers from different angles, and interprets the excellent texture and perfect taste of REX, showing a unique temperament. Let's take a look at its design principles and materials. Rex glasses are designed according to the precise optical principle of lens polarization angle and radian. Only light with the same polarization direction is allowed to pass through, and other strong light sources in the polarization direction after reflection are filtered, so as to eliminate the interference of external light and make the line of sight clearer. soft. In the use of materials, the lenses are polarized lenses, which meet relevant standards and are not easily broken; the frames are made of aluminum-magnesium alloys, pure titanium and other materials that are not harmful to the body. The unique design patented by Rex glasses breaks the limitations of traditional driving mirrors and can be used day and night. This unique design mainly uses the adjustable gradient lens with olive green on the top and yellow on the bottom. Wearing olive green during the day can effectively help exclude and filter scattered light in the beam for the clearest natural effect. The yellow lens has the function of enhancing light, eliminating glare, and can block 100% of harmful light. Allow drivers to maintain clear vision and drive safely in changing environments.
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