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How about Rodenstead lenses?_Lens Knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-04
Rodenstead has a century-old history, and the lenses are made of high-end technology. With design innovation and technology, as well as excellent craftsmanship, high-quality quality, it has been praised by many countries. For more people, Rodenstead has become synonymous with optics, with stable optical performance and long service life. Let's take a look at how Rodenstead lenses work. How about Rodenstead lenses? (1) Personal visual habits optimization technology It is designed according to personal visual habits, and customers can participate in the design. (2) Channel mirror frame matching technology Rodensted's unique technology only needs to provide accurate pupil height and mirror frame circular size, and can design a more suitable length for customers. The channel length is (14-18mm, the accuracy is 0.1mm)(3) The optimization of individual glasses parameters takes into account the influence of individual wearing glasses on the visual effect, according to each person's monocular interpupillary distance, eye distance, frame curvature and inclination angle, each lens is targeted. The design is more suitable for the dynamic needs of the actual eye. (4) The progressive film vision optimization technology takes into account the physiological changes of the human eye (astigmatism and axial position) in the progressive film design, and carries out targeted design for this, so as to obtain larger, clearer and more comfortable near vision. (5) Optimization of monocular interpupillary distance It precisely matches the natural movement trajectory of the eyeball. (6) Combined with the experience of personal progressive lenses over the years, optimize the prescription luminosity of each customer to improve the overall optical effect of the lens, such as high astigmatism or anisometropia or prism prescription can also be obtained Balances a natural fit. (7) Better base curve optimization Choose a flatter and more comfortable base curve for each luminosity, which not only has the appearance of flat, thin and beautiful lenses, but also has a comfortable visual area. (8) 3D free-form surface technology At present, the more advanced workshop processing technology, using this technology to process the optical surface on the rear surface of the lens can make things smaller and the field of vision wider, so as to obtain a clearer visual effect. (9) Retinal focusing Using this technology, Rodenstock progressive film takes into account the optical difference between the focimeter measurement and the actual wearing, and optimizes the adjustment of the mirror luminosity, which is more suitable for the actual visual needs. (10) Patented high-order aberration elimination technology, which greatly reduces the high-order aberrations that affect vision, making the object clearer and more comfortable. (11) Wavefront aberration calculation correction because the refractive index of the lens is different from that of air and the The thickness problem causes wavefront aberration, which makes things clearer. (12) In the design of the lens, Rodenstock takes into account that the near-sightedness of different people will vary with the degree and the addition of light. For this issue, each pair of progressive lenses is The position of the near-use area will be adjusted according to its order luminosity, which is more suitable for the needs of the eyes and has better adaptability. (13) Ultra-fine filtration technology, the lens purity is higher. The lens also has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays to better protect the eyes. (14) High-quality coating technology Rodenstock's coating technology adopts the leading plasma basic technology, and the layers are not only perfectly fitted but also coordinated with each other. The lens has an anti-wear coating layer, which is more wear-resistant; Reflective, the lens has a higher transmittance and a clearer field of vision. Anti-fouling film layer, the lens has anti-static effect, it is not easy to get dust, the lens is easy to clean, and it stays clean for a longer time.
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