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How about Shanghai International Optical City? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-01
Shanghai International Glasses City is a large-scale optical shopping mall in Shanghai. It is located at the intersection of the three golden coordinates of Shanghai Railway Station North Square, Shanghai Coach Terminal, and Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center (1688 Zhongxing Road). The glasses products here are rich and the brands are diversified, which can meet the needs of different consumers. So how about the Shanghai International Optical City with glasses, let's take a look together. Shanghai International Optical City is equipped with glasses. Compared with regular optical shops such as traditional optical shops (Treasure Island, Jingyi, Mingshi), glasses are cheap, rich in varieties, and diverse. However, the optometry equipment is not complete, because the glasses are mainly wholesale here. Mainly, so the quality of the glasses cannot be guaranteed. However, because traditional optical shops are located in major commercial centers, the rent of the shops is relatively expensive, which leads to excessive expenditures on the cost of glasses. The cost of glasses can only be balanced by increasing the price of glasses, so any pair of glasses is more than four digits. Therefore, in traditional optical shops, ordinary consumers are still reluctant to go here for optometry because of the high prices. Compared with the first domestic company that adopts the M2C direct sales business model, Shanghai International Optical City is equipped with glasses. It also has a richer variety of glasses and more high-end glasses brands. But from the perspective of optometry, price and quality of glasses, it has won the love and trust of many consumers. Because the M2C direct sales model reduces the cost of glasses to a certain extent, and the office building is adopted, the shop rent is half cheaper than the traditional glasses shop, so the price of the same glasses is about half cheaper than the traditional glasses shop. In addition, the use of Hong Kong-style medical standard optometry technology is professional, scientific, reliable, and free. The lenses are all cooperated with famous companies, such as TAG Heuer, Essilor, and Zeiss, so the quality of the glasses is guaranteed. Shanghai International Optical City has built a true 'one-stop fashion eyewear consumption platform' for consumers, integrating leisure, shopping and entertainment, mainly focusing on eyewear wholesale. Moreover, the product positioning is mainly middle and high-end, so that every guest who visits the mall can experience the fashionable fashion synchronized with the world, and enjoy the shopping sentiment and romance of Shanghai's international metropolis. However, if you have optometry glasses, you can go to a more formal and cost-effective optical shop, such as the one described above, to ensure that you can experience the effect of wearing comfort, safety, and ease.
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