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How about Shikang glasses?_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-10
Shikang and Baodao Glasses, Seiko Glasses, etc. are all well-known brand optical stores. They have many chain optical stores in China. They were established in Guangzhou in 1994. Mainly based on the quality of the product, to provide consumers with a series of superior products, as well as better services. So how about Shikang glasses, let's take a look at it together. As a well-known chain store brand of glasses in the country, Shikang is mainly engaged in optometry, glasses assembly and processing, wholesale of frames and lenses, and sales of glasses of various brands. In 1999, Shikang acted as an agent for OA lenses and Shibang lenses in the United States, and introduced Nidec optometry equipment from Japan. At the same time, in 2002, it was changed to HOYA, Essilor, TOP, Korea Daming and other famous lens brands, Japan Canon RF-10 automatic eye inspection machine, a complete, professional and scientific glasses system for consumers. Although Shikang glasses are appreciated by many professionals, the glasses are too expensive here, and a random pair costs thousands of yuan. That is because the lenses, frames and glasses of various brands represented by Shikang are imported through various channels, so the process should pass through the hands of many middlemen. rise. Therefore, after it was in the hands of Shikang, the price had to be increased to balance the cost, which led to the high price of glasses. Compared with the domestic one, the big difference is here. It adopts the M2C direct sales model. All lenses, frames and glasses are shipped from its own factory without any middlemen. The company's office building business model has greatly reduced the cost of shop rent and glasses, so the price of the same glasses products is about half cheaper than that of Shikang Eyes.
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