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How about Shile glasses frame, Shile glasses frame price_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
Shile is a well-known spectacle frame brand under the Austrian family company LiteStyle. As early as 10 years ago, in the spectacle market, the company made spectacle accessories such as frames, bezels and hinges made of polymer composite titanium metal, and won many professional People, as well as the majority of consumers. Shile glasses frames are concise and generous, light and thin in quality, smooth lines, dynamic, full of toughness, comfortable and natural to wear, without any sense of oppression. The characteristics of Shile spectacle frames are designed to harmonize the materials and human needs. Each pair of Shile spectacle frames emphasizes the comfort and lightness of the wearer; in terms of wearing comfort, whether it is a high-tech polymer SPX, It is pure titanium metal, which has the characteristics of strong lightness and super elasticity, which fits the skin, is anti-allergic, does not deform, and is easier to wear; in terms of quality, it is made of super-tough, polymer titanium material, combined with the brand's The unique process makes the spectacle frame have super memory performance. The price of the Shile glasses frame The Shile men's and women's rimless pure titanium frame 7613: It is made of titanium alloy metal material, full of bright gloss, and the weight is as light as a feather, soft and flexible. Market price: 2500.0 yuan, Tmall official website price: 1625.0 yuan. Shile Men's Rimless Beta Titanium Spectacle Frame 7579: It is made of the beta titanium material in titanium alloy, which has super toughness and elasticity. Even after 90° bending, it can automatically return to its original shape. Market price: 3200.0 yuan. Poetry men's and women's frameless titanium alloy frame 7631C6074: uses a polymer titanium frame with memory properties, containing 99.6% titanium and 0.4% water, the frame discards the arm and leg screw design, so that it can be worn More comfortable. Market price: 1780.0 yuan, Tmall official website price: 1488.0 yuan.
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