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How about Shu Shiming glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
Shu Shiming Glasses is a well-known brand optical shop in China, and it is also a regular glasses chain store integrating optometry, glasses, sales and service. Whether it is optometry equipment or glasses technology, they all adhere to the concept of international specialization. In addition to good correction of refraction, they can effectively filter out harmful glare and solve consumers' discomfort such as dizziness and vertigo. So how about Shu Shiming glasses, let's take a look at it with the editor. First, in addition to stable quality, Shu Shiming glasses adhere to a good after-sales service attitude. In addition to stable quality, Shu Shiming glasses adheres to a good after-sales service attitude. Professional optician technology, as well as imported optometry equipment and optician equipment, serve every consumer, and have won the love and favor of the majority of users. Whether it is a lens or a frame, Shu Shiming is imported high-quality, developed according to ergonomic principles, can well correct the patient's refraction, filter out most of the ultraviolet and blue light, etc., making it safer for the wearer , More comfortable and clearer wearing effect. Second, the cost-effective Shu Shiming glasses optometry technology and glasses technology, compared to some small glasses stores, is quite professional and reliable, but the prices are generally expensive, the cost performance is not too high. In contrast, it adopts the Hong Kong-style medical standard 21-step optometry technology, which can measure the diopter of patients well and comprehensively check the problems of the fundus, which is relatively scientific; and adopts the MTOC mode, which reduces the circulation of glasses. Cost, using low-channel transportation, so the same glasses can save half the price, is a regular glasses chain store with extremely high cost performance.
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