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How about Shushibao's bionic computer goggles? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
Shushibao is a brand of Schumann Optics. Its computer goggles are made of imitating human eyes, which can absorb and reflect the harmful light emitted by the computer to a greater extent, and provide 100% protection for the eyes. However, if you wear it for a long time, you will also have symptoms of visual fatigue. For this reason, Schumann Optics has formulated and processed the original Shushibao computer goggles. The height of the height of the eye protection effect. 1. The refractive index of Shushibao goggles is 1.544, added with lutein. The refractive index of Shushibao is 1.544, which is neither high nor low. It is specially added with lutein to imitate the absorption of harmful light by the human eye. Features, provide an extra layer of protection for the eyes, but also greatly enhance the comfort of the computer screen. Once this product came out, it has received clinical trials by scientists. After 100% of long-term computer users wear these glasses, they have said that they will not suffer from visual fatigue, and their eyes will be more comfortable when looking at the screen through the lenses. Second, Shushibao goggles can absorb blue light, electromagnetic waves and other light. Many people should have had similar experiences. When the eyes are fixed on the screen for a period of time, symptoms such as dry eyes, swelling and pain, heavy eyelids, and blurred vision will occur. In the long term, it will lead to damage to the comfort zone, resulting in decreased vision, or a variety of complication of eye diseases. And Shushibao bio-like computer goggles, the added lutein can absorb blue light, electromagnetic waves and other light, so that the eyes are protected from harmful light. Shushibao bio-like computer goggles, the lens is yellow because of the addition of lutein. It is made with bio-like technology, which truly mimics the lutein in the human eye. When the eyes look at the computer, under the action of pure natural lutein, the symptoms of heavy, dry and swollen eyelids will no longer appear. Look at the screen More relaxed and comfortable. This bionic computer goggles has a refractive index of 1.544, a leaf-yellow color, an Abbe number of 41, and a density of 1.17. It is suitable for workers who are often young on computers, and also suitable for people who often feel eye fatigue.
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