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How about Silk Road sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-24
Silk Road Sunglasses are designed, produced and sold by Xiamen Minghui Optical Glasses Co., Ltd., which is one of the earliest companies in China that mainly sells glasses and accessories, and is a well-known glasses manufacturer in the country. Its sunglasses inherit the charm and romance of the East, and take youth, vitality, fashion, and charm as the product concept, so that every wearer can have a beautiful and sunny mood on a fashion road. Let’s take a look at how about Silk Road sunglasses. Features of Silk Road Sunglasses 1. Silk Road Sunglasses are made according to the characteristics of Asian faces, following the youthfulness, fashion and coolness. Whether it is the hollow carving on the temples or the unique patterns on the mirrors, the wearer’s Wildness, personality, and style are fully displayed. 2. The frame is made of TR90 plate and high-quality manganese-nickel alloy and other top-grade optics materials, which makes the sunglasses very flexible and practical. In addition, the sheet metal frame has strong oxidation resistance, is light and fashionable, and has been loved and praised by many fashionistas. 3. The lens chooses high-grade polarized lens CR-39 lens, PC lens. Compared with other similar lenses, it is ultra-light, thinner, waterproof, clearer, super hard, anti-flower and impact resistant, 99% filtering out harmful light such as ultraviolet rays, eliminating glare, and making visual images more real and natural. Advantages of Silk Road Polarized Sunglasses Silk Road Polarized Sunglasses follow the fashion and classic design. Like Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses, wearing them is more of an identity and taste. Especially Silk Road SL100-SL120, on the temples and frames, the link design fused with black, white and gray elements, as well as the high-quality accessory patterns, faintly exudes a charming celebrity style. In addition, compared with traditional brands, Silk Road polarized sunglasses can meet the psychological needs of wearing in lightness of vision, comfort of wearing, and broadness of field of view. It can not only block ultraviolet rays and other harmful glare 100% effectively, but also protect the eyesight during the wearing process, and comprehensively care for the health and safety of the eyes. How about Silk Road Sunglasses? Silk Road not only represents sunglasses, but also represents the broad and profound cultural heritage of life philosophy. Silk Road sunglasses are used to pursue oriental fashion culture, which completely combines oriental charm elements with western trend elements, revealing retro culture and modern youthful colors in the passion.
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