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How about sports sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-10
Many people prefer outdoor sports, and in sports, eye protection is also very important. Especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong, and the damage to the eyes is everywhere. And a high-quality sports sunglasses can not only protect the eyes, but also make it more enjoyable in sports. Let’s take a look at the sports sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are generally made according to the ergonomics college. Sports sunglasses can better fit the eyes. Through careful design of the temples, frames, arms and ears, it can ensure a better fit for sports glasses. On the face, it is not easy to slip or fall off even during strenuous exercise. The material of the lens is generally PC lens, which has the advantages of light weight, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and good light transmittance. Moreover, the lens of this material has a particularly strong impact resistance. After coating, the hardness and impact resistance of the lens will be greatly improved. Moreover, this ultra-thin lens will not cause pressure on the nose if worn for a long time. Sports sunglasses use a polarized film, which can effectively eliminate glare, reflected light and messy light, and the field of vision will be clearer. For example, when fishing, it can eliminate the reflected light from the water surface, and you can easily experience the fun of fishing. When driving, it can eliminate the reflected light from the road and the cluttered strong lights, and you can drive safely. Sports sunglasses can effectively filter out ultraviolet rays. When skiing, it can filter out ultraviolet rays and reflections, making skiing more refreshing. Don't worry about the damage of ultraviolet rays to your eyes when playing outdoors. Sports sunglasses are widely used in driving, cycling, riding, outdoor recreational sports and other occasions. They are professional sports sunglasses designed specifically for outdoor activities. They have the function of preventing wind and sand and protecting eyes. Due to the wide range of sports occasions, sports sunglasses have different functional requirements for different sports needs. For example, windshields are mainly used in places with strong wind and sand; some sports sunglasses are mainly used on golf courses, there are professional fishing glasses, and there are sunglasses for myopia, etc., sports sunglasses are widely used Sunglasses.
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