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How about stereo glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-19
Stereo glasses, also called '3D glassesFor example, when the monitor outputs the left-eye image, the left and right lenses are in a light-transmitting state, while the right eye will become a opaque state, so that two eyes can look very real when watching a certain picture at the same time, as if they are physically present. Which is the same. So how about stereo glasses, let's take a look at them together. Stereo glasses use the world's most advanced 'time division method' technology to frequently switch the difference images obtained by the eyes, and then pass through sophisticated optical components to form a 3D stereo image. Compared with passive glasses, it can realize that each eye has twice the resolution and a wide viewing angle. In terms of the achieved effect, three-dimensional glasses can be divided into four types: complementary color, polarized light, time division and non-flicker. Complementary colors are also called 'chromatic aberration type'. The technology of color separation and stereo imaging is very blurry when viewed with the naked eye. Only red and blue colors are filtered, so that the red image can pass through the blue lens through the lens, so that the two eyes can see The image of the obtained object is overlapped in the brain, forming a 3D stereoscopic effect. For polarized light, according to the different images seen by the two eyes, horizontally polarized lenses and vertical polarized lenses are installed on the left and right eyes of the glasses, so as to ensure that the image shot on the left enters the left eye, and the image shot on the right enters the right eye. You can call out the effect of the three-dimensional picture. Time-division, also known as 'active shutter 3D glassesCan get a three-dimensional clear effect. The non-flicker type, based on the above, is modified to make the brightness and clarity of the glasses more vivid. With IPS hard screen panel, there are no restrictions on the left and right viewing angles when wearing glasses, and the viewing of 3D images is no longer limited to one angle. And the non-flashing 3D glasses are light and reasonably priced, so that people who wear glasses can use them comfortably.
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