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by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
Myopic friends all want to return to a normal refractive state and can look far and near without any hesitation. Although there are some ways to restore vision in reality, it seems that not many people can really restore vision. Super vision glasses use the Bates method to help more people correct their vision. Let’s take a look at how super vision glasses are. Ultra-vision glasses use its unique polygonal lens combination to automatically adjust the ciliary muscles to solve the problem of using eyes at close distances, and adjust the state of looking close to the relaxed state of looking far away, so as to relax the ciliary muscles. , Completely cut off the root cause of myopia. The intelligent three-color navigation system is specially formulated based on the Bates theory, which emits three-color nutrient light in different directions and different angles. This light can promote the development of retinal cells and increase the sensitivity of the retina. Moreover, by exercising the eye muscles, the elasticity of the ciliary muscles is restored, so that the lens can be restored to its best condition. The entire process of exercising the ciliary muscles is also restoring vision. The ultra-vision glasses lens is a low-degree convex lens with a bottom-inward triangular prism. The prism-prism combined lens design is combined with silicon ion penetration and hardened 18-layer vacuum ion coating, which can prevent ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave radiation and reduce reflection and imaging, and the picture is clearer. The imported TR-90 frame is not easy to be damaged, has the characteristics of light texture and bright color. Imported IC (microprocessor), using the thinnest luminescent material, has a healthy and beneficial effect on the retina. The good effect of super vision glasses is not for all people. It is mainly suitable for short-distance readers. The pupil distance needs to be greater than or equal to 51mm. The effect will be better. Super vision glasses are best used for mild and moderate myopia within 18 years of age. patient. If it is a child with amblyopia, the best use is for those with naked eye vision greater than or equal to 0.2 within 8 years of age.
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