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How about the automatic computer optometry? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-24
Refraction is divided into two types: subjective refraction and objective refraction. Computer refractometer belongs to objective refraction, which can quickly measure the degree of refraction, and it can be done without mydriasis. The automatic computer refractometer is further adjusted on the basis of the computer refractometer, which improves the accuracy of the refraction. So how about the automatic computer optometry, let's take a look at it together. The automatic computer refractometer is the same as the ordinary computer refractometer, which can accurately measure the patient's diopter, or the axial direction of astigmatism. These two kinds of instruments are relatively advanced new instruments, both control and check the amount of diopter through the technical principle of photoelectricity. Features of automatic computer refractometer <1>. Adopting the world's leading microprocessor and fast image processing technology, the measurement speed is faster than the traditional refractometer. <2>. Fully automatic computer refractometer, with its own advanced optometry technology, can measure smaller and narrower pupils, and has greater adaptability. <3>. The use of large-scale integration technology and optoelectronic technology makes the instrument more stable in performance and more reliable in quality, and the measured results are also more stable and accurate. <4>. The shape design conforms to the principle of ergonomics, which makes optometrists and patients feel more convenient and comfortable, and improves the accuracy of measurement. <5>. The automatic computer refractometer has introduced the international self-checking system, which makes the instrument more intelligent. And the instrument adopts humanized keyboard operation, which makes the complexity of the whole optometry process easier and simpler. Compared with ordinary computer optometry, it is more user-friendly, more stable, faster, more convenient and more comfortable, which not only brings ease and naturalness of operation to optometrists, but also allows patients to enjoy the comfort and clarity during the entire optometry process. , Fast optometry experience.
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