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How about the driver's sunglasses?_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-20
The application of sunglasses can be said to be relatively extensive. For different occasions and their functions, there will be some deviations in the requirements for sunglasses. As a driver's sunglasses, its requirements are stricter than ordinary sunglasses. Driving is also preferred by many people in today's society. A suitable driver's sunglasses is also a good choice for them. Let's take a look at the driver's sunglasses together. The characteristics of driver's sunglasses mainly include effective UV protection, eye protection, and at the same time can effectively filter out glare and reflected light and strong light and other stray light to ensure a clear vision, and sports glasses are not easy to slip off, impact resistance and Strong pressure resistance and other advantages. In addition, professional driver sunglasses are specially designed for drivers, and also have functions such as anti-rain and fog, anti-fatigue and so on. The lens material of driver's sunglasses is generally PC lens. It ensures a variety of high-quality characteristics of the lens. In addition to being relatively light, the lens has the advantages of strong impact resistance, good wear resistance, and pressure intensity, which effectively protects the safety and health of the eyes. With the continuous development of technology, more materials are used in the production of lenses, such as NXT lenses, nano-polarized lenses, etc. The driver's sunglasses are designed according to a certain polarization angle and arc to ensure that the filtering of light gives a clear vision and effectively avoids dazzling, dazzling and other phenomena. There are two types of driver's sunglasses: day and night. Daily use is mainly anti-glare, strong light, ultraviolet rays, etc. The color of the lens is darker, and the night use is mainly to prevent the strong light of the vehicle, and at the same time increase the brightness, while preventing this kind of light, it can also improve the clear vision. The production of professional driving glasses must comply with the People's Republic of China Motor Vehicle Driver's Glasses Standard (QB: 2659-2004). The requirements are much stricter than ordinary sunglasses.
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