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How about the eyewash? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
Speaking of eye wash, the first thing we will think of is, how does it help us clean our eyes? Then let's understand it together! The use of eye wash can neutralize the acidity and alkalinity of some corrosive liquids, to a certain extent Effectively alleviate the damage of chemicals to the eyes, convenient, simple, and quick to use, and play the role of emergency cleaning. Recently, washing eyes has become a trend in people's daily maintenance. Major pharmacies are selling branded eye washes, and eye washes are selling well; some beauty salons have also launched various eye wash services. In this regard, ophthalmologists reminded: Eyewash is used to clean and relax the comfort of the eyes. If used frequently, it is easy to cause dependence on drugs, and some eye troubles are likely to occur. How about eye wash? At present, we see some eye washes on the market that are composed of artificial tears, cellulose and some vitamins, which mainly moisturize, reduce inflammation, and cool the eyes. In order to stabilize the performance of the drug and prevent it from being contaminated by external microorganisms for a long time, the manufacturer will add some nutrients, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients and preservatives when producing eye washes. The preservatives in the eye wash can change the microenvironment of the eyeball surface, destroy the structure of the human ocular surface, and damage the originally tightly connected epithelial cell structure, resulting in corneal defect, epithelial shedding, and erosion. In severe cases, corneal ulcers, corneal lysis, etc. Piercing and blindness. Is it harmful to use eyewash to wash your eyes frequently? Friends who love to wash their eyes will use eyewash to wash their eyes. Ophthalmologists analyze this from a health perspective. Human tears themselves are the best eye wash, because tears themselves can clean the conjunctival sac and play a protective role. If you use eye wash for a long time to wash your eyes, it will cause dependence on drugs, your eye cleansing function will decrease, and even worse, it will cause damage to the cornea and conjunctiva.
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