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How about the French CEBE children's sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-11
The French children’s eyewear brand CEBE, founded at the end of the 19th century, is currently the only professional children’s sunglasses brand in the world. The children’s sunglasses launched by CEBE use more professional KEPL lenses (professional children’s eye protection lenses); this kind of lenses can effectively protect Children's eyes, avoid the damage of ultraviolet and blue light. At the same time, the combination of fashionable styling and professional technology has made it the world's first-selling children's sunglasses, sweeping the world with its quality and advantages. Four major features: 1. KEPL's professional lenses can effectively avoid the radiation damage of ultraviolet rays and blue light from the sun, and protect children's eyes with greater ability; for children before the age of 14, they have not fully opened their eyes. It is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and other radiation. 2. The bi-material frame ensures a greater endurance, combining the child's ergonomics and wearing stability; the soft material covering the surface can ensure a greater sense of softness and comfort to the child. 3. At the same time, the sunglasses are made of soft and flexible materials to ensure greater flexibility of the frame and to ensure that they fit the size of the children's head; extend the children's use time. Fourth, the last point is the humane design of adjustable elastic straps, which can adjust the width of the appropriate frame according to the children's head circumference, and can also be disassembled; it perfectly combines work and aesthetics. Such powerful functions and perfect design are absolutely top quality for children's eye protection. Travel, vacation, outdoor sports; CEBE children's sunglasses can provide children with a safe and comfortable eye protection environment, escort children's healthy childhood life; more professional is better, CEBE will never disappoint your expectations .
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