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How about the official Zeiss website? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-11
Zeiss, a world-famous brand, is quite excellent especially in optical instruments. Zeiss optical instruments are now used more and many large hospitals have Zeiss instruments. In addition, Zeiss lenses are also high-end lenses now, which are very appreciated. Zeiss's achievements in optical instruments and lenses are quite high. Let's take a look at Zeiss's official website. Zeiss was created by optical instrument manufacturer Carl Zeiss. Zeiss pioneered many classic manufactures in the lens industry, and standard lenses in many parts of the world were designed and manufactured with reference to the lenses below Zeiss. The sections on the ZEISS official website are relatively detailed. According to different product application fields, the product information on the website is divided into nine sections, which is convenient for searching for information and understanding products. In addition, for the convenience of customers, there are also targeted data downloads, magazines, news and other information that customers need. 1. Ophthalmology analysis and treatment equipment This section is mainly divided into three series, one is disease classification, mainly including refraction, glaucoma, fundus disease, and cataract. The second largest series is mainly surgical equipment and diagnostic equipment corresponding to the type of disease. Surgical equipment mainly includes excimer laser system, intraocular lens and its consumables, operating microscope, ophthalmic laser. Diagnostic equipment mainly includes corneal topography, slit lamp, glaucoma diagnosis, fundus imaging, optical biometrics, anterior segment imaging system, and wavefront phase contrast system. The third category is mainly new products corresponding to surgical equipment and diagnostic equipment, mainly including new high-definition and high-resolution optical tomography scanners; ZO aspheric intraocular lenses; OPMI Lumera; news information related to new products. Second, microsurgery mainly includes operating microscope, fluorescence imaging, digital camera system, and related customer magazine downloads. 3. Main introduction of life science microscope (1) Zeiss products: microscope, imaging system, software, camera, accessories. (2) Life Science: Products and applications in the field of life science research. (3) Materials industry, solutions and products in the industrial field. (4) Support customer service, product information, downloads and more. (5) Events, microscope related events for life science and materials industry (6) Comprehensive solutions for material analysis, EVO18 and SUPRA55 scanning electron microscopes. (7) Major influential scientific journals (8) Zeiss training, mainly microscope and image analysis learning area. (9) ZEISS Campus Tour ZOYC 4. Industrial microscopes are mainly news information and microscope-related technological products. News includes industrial dynamic news, mainly industrial industry news, industrial materials information and microscopic applications. news information. 5. Industrial measuring instruments are mainly the introduction of the Industrial Instrument and Measurement Department, the introduction of related products and the case of industrial application information. 6. Astronomical astronomical instruments mainly introduce the latest instruments and related introductions of astronomical instruments. 7. Electron microscopes are mainly about electron microscope series. 8. Telescopes mainly introduce telescopes and observation mirrors. 9. Zeiss lenses are mainly Zeiss lens products. Sales and services are provided by agents in China.
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