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How about the price of Zeiss Changle lenses, how about Zeiss Changle lenses?_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-04
The Zeiss brand has long been concerned with children's health, and the Zeiss Changle lens is one of the Zeiss progressive lenses. According to the research report, at least one of the parents of children is myopic, and there is a certain chance that myopia will also occur between the ages of 6 and 12. After myopia, on the surface, it will affect children's life and learning, but in fact, it will also affect brain development, mental health and other aspects. The Zeiss brand believes that children should pay attention to this colorful world clearly and at zero distance, and grow up happily without healthy and good eyesight. Zeiss Changle Lens Series Zeiss Changle Lens is a lens series launched by Zeiss according to the situation of children. It includes lenses with two refractive indices of 1.500 and 1.600, and also includes two layers of Lotus Film and DuraVision Platinum. Under the same refractive index, the DuraVision platinum film is more expensive than the lotus film because it has three characteristics of being more wear-resistant, dust-proof and easy to clean. The price of Zeiss Changle lens is in the official price list of Zeiss, 1.500 aspheric Changle lens: the price of lotus film stock lens is 1180 yuan, the price of lotus film custom lens is 1380 yuan, and the price of diamond cube platinum film is 1580 yuan. The price of 1.600 aspherical Changle lens: the price of the lotus film custom film is 2180 yuan, and the price of the diamond cube platinum film is 2480 yuan. Features of ZEISS Changle lenses In the past, children's eyeglasses focused on the lens to control the central vision, the purpose is to provide good central vision, but it will affect the imaging quality of the peripheral retina. It causes the retina to elongate backwards, which accelerates the lengthening of the eye axis. ZEISS Changle lenses use 'peripheral vision' control technology to delay the lengthening of the eye axis to delay the development of myopia, correct central vision and improve peripheral vision. It is blurry to see things from the peripheral position of the lens, and it will be clear only when you look directly. When you want to see the things next to you, you have to turn your head and look directly. Because it is for children, it is machined with precision molding technology to provide good comfort and wearability. ZEISS Changle custom lenses not only need to provide diopter, pupil height and interpupillary distance, but also monocular pupil height and monocular interpupillary distance, and the lens circle width is greater than 45mm. If parents find that their child likes to frown when looking at things, has a sudden drop in academic performance, or is impatient, etc., they should take the child to dilate for optometry and check vision in time. If it is found to be a child's amblyopia and other ophthalmological problems, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. If it is found to be myopia, you should choose children's frames and lenses, and do regular eye examinations every year. At present, in addition to Zeiss Changle, there are also Essilor progressive lenses for students, TAG Heuer progressive lenses, and OULE glasses for children.
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