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How about the sunglasses police?_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
Italian sunglasses brand, but also a fashion brand, very popular in the fashion industry. Sunglasses brands have always been an important reference for many people to choose sunglasses, and sunglasses police, as well-known sunglasses, have naturally attracted everyone's attention. Let's take a look at how sunglasses police are. Sunglasses police were born in Venice, Italy, and police, which has always insisted on fashion, character and trend, has also launched many fashion products, including watches, accessories, fashionable leather goods and so on. Police not only pays attention to fashion sense in brand design, but also pays special attention to the details of product design, and integrates tactile feeling, with wild color combination and brilliant logo, with unique 'COOL u0026 SEXY' style , interpreting the extraordinary style and spirit. The independent and creative, full of personality and not sticking to the rules are introduced into the design, and it has become a brand that guides the trend of life. The innovative design concept shows the strong European taste and perfectly shows the unique charm. With the design of world-renowned Italian designers, the style of the sunglasses police is more fashionable and avant-garde. You can see the use of different materials on the police products. However, the concept of circle and endless flow makes people feel this endless flow. Men's sunglasses, generous and simple design, strong and capable lines, and exquisite design, show the wisdom and calmness of men, and the clear lines of water chestnuts show the style of men. The double beam design in the nose makes the rigidity more obvious. The anti-slip nose pads are designed and made of silicone material with high flexibility, which can reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose, and can also be adjusted according to the width of the bridge of the nose, with high wearing comfort. Exquisite temple design, luxurious and gorgeous texture, elegant line sense, every beauty is displayed, interpreting a unique charm.
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