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How about the treatment of myopia_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-03
The instrument for treating myopia is a kind of glasses with hyperopic 'defocusing' effect, and it is the most effective instrument to help adolescents with 300-degree myopia to restore their vision. This advanced new instrument can also prevent myopia from developing to a high level, which can cause fundus bleeding. Problems such as retinal detachment and even blindness. Then let's take a look at the equipment for the treatment of myopia. The role of instruments for treating myopia <1>. It can convert fatigue when looking at close objects into the situation of looking at distant objects, thereby indirectly preventing the occurrence and development of myopia. <2>. Blocking the 'back defocusing' to harm the eyes is to use the instrument for treating myopia to block the front defocusing effect, promote the development of the eye axis, and thus play a role in preventing myopia. <3>. The use of instruments for treating myopia can adjust, train, and improve the sensitivity of the focus, and control the occurrence of myopia and prevent the occurrence of myopia has a good effect. <4>. It has a compulsory function, that is, when looking at a distant object, it is forced to see and force to see, with the main purpose of seeing the object clearly. Classification of instruments for treating myopia. There are currently more than 30 types of myopia instruments in China, but according to their principles, they can be divided into: non-hyperopic myopia instruments, static hyperopic myopia instruments, dynamic hyperopic myopia instruments, comprehensive static and dynamic hyperopia instruments There are five categories of comprehensive myopia, compound static and dynamic hyperopic myopia. Among them, the composite static and dynamic hyperopic myopia instrument is currently the best instrument that can significantly improve the naked vision of mild to moderate myopia, reduce the degree of mild myopia, prevent the development of myopia, or improve the vision of amblyopia.
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