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How about Tianhong lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-06
Tianhong is an early enterprise that entered into the manufacture and sales of optical lenses in China, and has a strong influence in the eyewear industry. It has cooperated with international optometry institutions to create multiple brands, which are well received in the market, and multiple lens series to meet the needs of customers more comprehensively. Let's take a look at how Tianhong lenses work together. (1) Internal progressive color-changing series: Incorporating color-changing process series, namely 'substrate color-changing lensesFor customers with large astigmatism, the inner aspherical design can be adopted. When passing through the same central optical area, the inner aspheric has a larger field of view than the outer aspheric, smaller deformation, and better visual quality. (2) Polarized dyeing series High-definition anti-reflection coating, sunglasses with additional functions, reduce glare, reflection, improve color contrast, used in water sports and skiing and other fields, driving is also very safe. (3) Youth series: Vision Comfort Youth Progressive 1.55/1.50. The lens near-use area adopts asymmetrical design, which makes the near-use area of u200bu200bthe lens equally comfortable and clear. The all-round through design makes the far-use area of u200bu200bthe lens wider and clearer to see the distant scene. The selective lower home wide design enables different wearers to see a smooth transition when looking far, medium and near, increasing the comfort of wearing. The lens is thin and light, and the super anti-fouling film makes the lens easier to clean (4) FreeForm adult progressive multifocal is suitable for people over 40 years old. The far, middle and near three areas make the field of vision very clear and wide, and it is comfortable to wear. With advanced surface progressive design, the lens has good performance. Super anti-fouling film, lens is easy to clean. (5) FreeForm aspherical anti-fatigue series is specially designed for the light-adding area, mainly to facilitate wearers of different ages to have a wide range of vision in the far and near areas, and to wear them comfortably. According to the characteristics of each type of people, they can make their suitable progressive piece. The transmitted light tracking design is designed to reduce the amount of deformation around the progressive lens. The lens has a wider field of view, according to different degrees. To change the base curve to correct the degree, so that it has a good vision. (6) Adult progressive multifocal lens series The far area of u200bu200bthe lens adopts two different aspherical designs, which can see far and near very clearly. Anti-deformation design, it becomes clearer around the lens. A wider range of users. (7) Aspherical anti-fatigue lens series The lateral asymmetrical design enables the wearer to reduce the discomfort during vision measurement to the greatest extent and range. The entrance light wave design makes the progressive film show clear vision and wide field of vision in the distance, medium and near. (8) Double non-series double fly spherical design, wider field of vision. (9) Aspherical lens series The lens is lighter and thinner. When looking at things, it is more real and natural, with a strong sense of reality. Super tough, the lens won't break or chip easily. (10) Glass flake series It has a high refractive index, stable optical properties, and is not suitable for scratches. (11)Single focus color changing series Angkemei authorized to Shanghai Tianhong. Excellent and uniform discoloration, not affected by degree, effectively blocking UV damage, stable performance, good discoloration effect and long service life. (12) Meithin reading glasses series High-definition anti-reflection coating, the lenses mainly include the middle-refractive index Meithin plus film and the USthin aspherical anti-uv lens.
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