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How about tinted myopia lenses?_Lens Knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
Colored myopia lenses are also seen by many people in life. Many friends think that wearing tinted myopia lenses can not only correct myopia, but also protect against ultraviolet rays. In fact, there are certain misunderstandings. Colored myopia lenses are not suitable for For all of you, let's take a look at how tinted myopia lenses work. Colored myopia lenses generally add colored substances such as metal silicon and manganese to the material of the lens, and some are directly colored on the spectacle lenses. Therefore, it cannot be explained that it has the effect of anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet. Those lenses with anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet rays are coated with a film on the lens to protect the eyes, and are not affected by the color of the lens. Colored myopia lenses are not equivalent to sunglasses, so they cannot be used in place of sunglasses for a long time, because sunglasses can achieve the effect of UV protection, while tinted myopia lenses lack UV protection materials and cannot prevent UV rays. Colored myopia lenses are mainly for aesthetic performance, so you need to be careful when choosing tinted myopia lenses. Although colored myopia lenses are fashionable and beautiful, not all colored myopia lenses are suitable, because the visible light in sunlight is roughly divided into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple according to the order of decreasing wavelength. Seven colors, long and short wavelengths are harmful to the eyes, so the color tone of some myopia lenses is reddish, pink and blue, purple lenses are not suitable for wearing, generally you can choose yellow, green, gray and brown, etc. Bands of tinted myopia lenses. In addition, some myopia patients are not suitable for tinted myopia lenses. These tinted myopia lenses have different light transmittances under unacceptable light, and the pupils will adjust the size of the pupils due to the different light transmittances. In the long run, the eyes are easy to fatigue, and even increase the burden on the eyes and cause the degree of myopia. It is not suitable to deepen, especially for young people who are younger. It is not ideal to wear such tinted myopia lenses for a long time. If it is best, you can also wear a pair of myopia sunglasses. When you go out, wear sunglasses to prevent ultraviolet rays.
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