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How about UV-resistant flat mirrors? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Nowadays, more and more people are more and more aware of protecting their eyes. When they go out, many people don’t forget to wear sunglasses to prevent UV damage to their eyes, and UV-blocking flat mirrors are also very popular. , There are also many types of UV protection flat mirrors. Let's take a look at how UV protection flat mirrors are. The more common anti-ultraviolet flat glasses in life are sunglasses, but there are also myopia sunglasses. The styles of flat sunglasses are also very rich, and the colors are also diverse. However, there are certain standards for anti-ultraviolet sunglasses. The UV index of sunglasses must meet a certain standard in order to have the ability to prevent UVA and UVB, and to better protect the eyes. This is why the glasses store is more trustworthy. Ordinary anti-ultraviolet X-ray spectacle lenses, some of which are added with anti-ultraviolet substances in the lenses, also have the effect of anti-ultraviolet. After some lenses are coated, the anti-ultraviolet ability is also improved. For example, for resin lenses, the ability of ordinary resin lenses to prevent ultraviolet rays is very low, while the 1.56 plus film can protect against ultraviolet rays up to 400um. Tinted lenses are a particularly popular type of lens nowadays. Only when UV-blocking substances are added to the lenses can they have UV-blocking effects. Therefore, not all tinted lenses have UV-blocking capabilities. If you are choosing tinted lenses, you must choose some brand mirror lenses, such as Essilor, etc., in order to protect your eyes. Color-changing lenses, which automatically change color indoors and outdoors, can also be very good against UV damage after discoloration when outdoors. The technical requirements of photochromic lenses are high, so the price is generally more expensive. And it is more reliable to choose a color-changing lens brand.
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