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How about Vision Contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-19
Vision care solution is believed to be particularly familiar to many people who wear contact lenses. The Vision Care Division is an American pharmaceutical department under the CIBA-GEIGY Group. It officially entered the contact lens market in 1980 and has now become a well-known brand of contact lenses and care solutions that integrates innovation and expertise. Seekang cosmetic contact lenses are a kind of high water content cosmetic contact lenses. Let’s take a look at what is happening with Vision Medical’s lenses. The lens adopts a revolutionary double-layer printing and dyeing technology design, the colors are more vivid and beautiful. The color of the outer ring of the lens is specially blended and combined with petal-like patterns, so that the color pattern on the periphery of the lens and the iris are perfectly and naturally combined, creating a beautiful and shiny big eye. The unique blinking moisturizing technology allows the lens to automatically release moisturizing factors to form a moisturizing film, which can keep the eyes moist and make the eyes more comfortable to wear. In the light irradiation process, the color factor is locked in the middle of the lens, avoiding contact with the eyeball, reducing eye irritation, and wearing it safely and comfortably. Accurate center positioning makes it more satisfying after wearing, and the vision is clear and natural. In addition, the lens has plasma surface coating treatment, the lens is lubricated, and it is easier to wear. The diameter is only 13.80mm, which is suitable for most MM wearers. The center thickness is only 0.100, which is relatively moderate thickness and is natural to wear. Unique dyeing technique, natural effect, bright color, more charming to wear. Seekang cosmetics is a daily disposable cosmetic contact lenses, there are five main colors, namely black, gray, blue, brown, and green. The colors are more suitable to match different clothes, easy to match, new and different charm. The colors are rich in layers, and the eyes are more energetic.
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