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How about water drop sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-11
Water drop sunglasses are mainly similar in appearance to water drops. This kind of teardrop-shaped sunglasses with a decorative effect is particularly liked by many people. If some people are not suitable for other relatively rectangular sunglasses, they may try teardrop-shaped sunglasses. Water drop sunglasses have both dynamic and static styles. Let's take a look at how water drop sunglasses are. Powerful and dynamic, the new flying sunglasses from Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back, who excels at playing with patchwork-busting cuts. Different from aviator glasses, its shape is more fashionable and dynamic, breaking and reshaping the lines of the face, with a strong sense of lines. The biggest feature of the sunglasses designed by Ann-Sofie Back is that the lower edge part is made like a water drop design. This is a design that traditional sunglasses will not have. There are currently two main colors available: red and smoky gray. At present, sunglasses with a static sense of water droplet shape are more common. The overall design is more like a water droplet, which has a good effect on the modification of the face. Generally, long faces and square faces can be well modified and look cooler. And some people with flat noses are also very suitable, it can be said that it is suitable for the majority of people to use. In addition to better modifying the face shape when choosing the style of sunglasses, you should also pay attention to the degree of UV protection of the sunglasses. The UV index of sunglasses is also a very important reference data. Especially when going out to play, a good pair of sunglasses can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and better protect the eyes. If it is water sports, or the reflection is very serious, in addition to the requirements for UV protection of sunglasses, it is better to choose sunglasses with polarized effect, in order to better exercise and better protect the eyes.
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