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How about Weigu's Polarized Sunglasses?_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-14
Weigu's professional polarized sunglasses, each pair of glasses is precisely tested through a complex 38 procedures, fully checked, and truly protects the eyes. There are various styles of Weigu's sunglasses, both fashionable and high-end, but also elegant and generous. Each one is a classic. Let's take a look at the Weigu's polarized sunglasses. The lens is composed of 7 layers of lenses, and the surface layer is treated with wear-resistant strengthening, which is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant. Adopt TAC lens, double layer anti-impact, safer. The bottom layer is also reinforced with a protective film, abrasion resistance is strengthened, and the impact resistance of the lens is greatly enhanced. Weigu's strict lens technology, waterproof and anti-scratch technology, make the life of the lens long. Ultra-composite technology, zero-distance bonding, the polarizer has a high-strength anti-ultraviolet and harmful light effect, effectively resisting strong light and glare, and enhancing the highest definition of the line of sight. The polarizing filter layer in the center of the lens and the uv400 protective film on both sides can effectively block all harmful UVA/UVB rays and better protect the eyes. The hardening, wear-resistant and strengthening treatment make the lens have high impact resistance and explosion-proof , Reduce the damage of hard objects to the lens. Weigu's polarized sunglasses have a good radiation protection effect. The unique polyoxygen molecules of the lens can decompose the radiated light to achieve the effect of radiation protection. The inner surface of the lens adopts a special blue film formed by multiple vacuum radiation, which greatly improves the perspective rate, so that the incident light directly penetrates the lens without being reflected on the glasses, making the field of vision clearer. The unique excellent painting visual layer makes the eyes enjoy a comfortable feeling. Designed according to ergonomic principles, the temple fitting angle specially designed for Asians, perfectly fits the temples, and provides a long-lasting massage comfort. Weigu's plate temples, selected high-end nickel-free stainless steel frames and precision plate temples, embedded with LOGO fine workmanship, high-end grade, enjoy a different experience. The high-end silicone nose pads are designed to adjust according to the width of the bridge of the nose, so there is no pressure when worn for a long time. The style design includes simple and fashionable polarized sunglasses; generous retro fashion styles; classic driving polarized sunglasses; more trendy frog mirror styles, bow-style polarized sunglasses, etc., each with its own distinctive Weigu style polarized sunglasses Shows the professional characteristics of Weigushi.
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