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How about windproof sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
Windproof sunglasses are a kind of outdoor sports sunglasses, which are widely used in riding, driving and many other occasions. They are a kind of sunglasses that outdoor sportsmen like very much. The best outdoor sports windproof sunglasses are Ouye glasses, oakley sports glasses, etc. Let's take a look at how windproof sunglasses are. Windproof sunglasses have the characteristics of polarized sunglasses and sports glasses. It can protect the eyes well in the windy and sandy weather, and prevent the wind and sand from entering the eyes. The lens can block the irritation of the strong air flow to the eyes, especially when riding, the strong air flow is not small to the eye irritation. Windproof sunglasses also have anti-reflection and filter stray light effects to make the picture clearer. Wind-proof sunglasses lenses generally use impact-resistant lenses. At present, PC explosion-proof lenses are more common. They have good toughness and better protect the eyes in the event of a fierce impact. The lens has a multi-layer substrate synthesis, and the polarizing film layer is sufficient to eliminate reflected light and stray light, and make the light soft. The anti-ultraviolet film effectively eliminates ultraviolet rays and protects the eyes. The anti-impact strengthened layer has good impact resistance. The wear-resistant hardened layer has the effect of preventing the lens from scratching. Generally, there is a hard protective film on the surface of the lens, which can better protect the lens from damage. In design, it is designed for force analysis in all directions in motion. The unique curved design of the frame not only fits the face better, but also effectively relieves the stress during exercise, making it more comfortable to wear. Some windproof sunglasses are also equipped with detachable myopia frames, which can solve the problem of not being able to wear myopia glasses for exercise, and equipped with myopia lenses, making exercise more convenient. The unique buckle design of the myopia frame eliminates whether there is myopia, and the myopia frame can be installed or removed at will. It is very suitable for people with myopia. The nose pad design adopts non-slip nose pads, which can make the windproof glasses and the face better stick. Taken together, it effectively reduces the probability of glasses slipping and improves the safety of windproof sunglasses. Windproof sunglasses are light in weight, effectively reducing stress, and a variety of professional lenses can be replaced, suitable for various weather such as sunny, cloudy, foggy, cloudy, snowy, etc., with polarized light, windproof, sand-proof, and anti-fog , Sun-shading and anti-ultraviolet functions, more suitable for outdoor sportsmen.
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