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How about Witten lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-04
Witten lenses are manufactured by Shanghai Mingyue Optical Glasses Co., Ltd. In addition to Witten, Shaq, Berger, Calber, Haydn, Witten, Doppen, Mingyue, etc. are all Mingyue Optical’s main products, satisfying consumers Demand. The Witten lens has high technical content, stable performance, and also has anti-ultraviolet and anti-radiation functions, which are appreciated by many consumers. Let’s take a look at how Witten lenses are. Main features of Witten lenses Witten lenses are mainly made of resin, which are much lighter than ordinary lenses, have strong impact resistance and are not easily broken, making them a relatively durable lens product. At the same time, in the visible light zone, the same as the lens developed with glass, the light transmittance is extremely high; and the transmittance of the infrared light zone of the Witten lens is higher than that of the glass lens, almost all of it can be absorbed, so wear safer. Witten lens adopts aspheric design, which solves the problem of distortion of objects in traditional spherical design. The aberration at the edge of the lens is reduced to a lower level, so that its wide field of view meets the requirements of all customers. In addition, the aspheric design of the Witten lens makes the lens lighter, looks more natural and beautiful. In myopia patients with high refractive power, it can effectively reduce the deformation of their eyes, which is very suitable for patients with high myopia. Witten lenses also have multiple protective effects: anti-radiation, molecular structure can effectively block electromagnetic radiation; anti-ultraviolet, can effectively block 3800nm-400nm ultraviolet rays; waterproof, the top film of the lens surface is smaller than water molecules, which can prevent watermarks; anti-ultraviolet Dirt, the surface is treated with multi-layer coating, which is very easy to clean; anti-reflective, with anti-reflective coating on the surface, which minimizes reflection. As a series of Mingyue lenses, Witten lenses are more comprehensive in terms of eye protection. Not only can they effectively block the intake of various harmful light, but also can control the loss of vision to a certain limit, giving you both clear and broad Vision.
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