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How about Yingcai contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-23
Yingcai contact lens is a myopia contact lens. It directly contacts the cornea and is worn on the eyeball. It is a lens used to correct vision or protect the eyes. It is also a kind of contact lens often worn by many glasses myopia. How about Yingcai contact lenses? Those with doubts might as well go and find out together. The lenses of Yingcai contact lenses are made of fine materials, and new materials such as NVP and moisturizing factors are added. At the same time, they also use cutting-edge 'dynamic intelligence' technology. This technology takes into account the needs of eye physiological health and not only improves the hydrophilicity of the lens, but also The wettability and oxygen permeability also ensure that the wearer has stable and clear corrected vision and ultra-high imaging quality. Yingcai contact lenses can be divided into many types according to different reasons. From the perspective of materials, we can divide them into hard and soft contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are made of PMMA polymer, which is more suitable for vision correction. The problem is that soft contact lenses use materials with strong hydrophilicity, which have better oxygen permeability and make them more comfortable to wear. Compared with frame glasses, Yingcai contact lenses have a higher thickness and refractive index, resulting in image aberrations, while contact lenses can greatly enlarge or shrink the image to 7%, reducing the difference in imaging between the two eyes. It can also improve the optical shortcomings of the frame lens, such as the prism effect. In addition, Yingcai contact lenses do not have the barriers of the frame, weight, and without the barriers of the spectacle frame, there will be no hidden danger of frame spectacle lens fragmentation. It is suitable for athletes to wear and does not affect the appearance of the wearer. The wearer brings a broader vision.
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