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How about Zunlong resin lenses?_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-06
Zunlong resin lens is researched and produced by Zunlong (Jiangsu) Optical Co., Ltd. In 2006, the company took the production of 'highest quality optical products' as the design concept, introduced several internationally most advanced production equipment, absorbed a large number of high-tech talents, and produced 50,000 high-quality resin lenses every day. And the company's lens quality has passed the national QS compulsory certification, IS09001 international quality system certification and European CE safety certification. How about the dragon resin lens, let me give you a specific introduction below. The resin lenses produced by Zunlong Optical Co., Ltd. can be divided into five series. Each series of lenses has different characteristics and advantages. Let's take a look at them separately. 1. Platinum series of resin lenses: This series of lenses perfectly combines excellent quality with fashion, continuously integrates the latest production technology, inspects each pair of lenses with strict procedures, and is determined to provide consumers with extraordinary quality and perfect optical products . 2. Jinshitang series resin lens: using a unique multilayer anti-reflection film, the Jinshitang series lens has a very high light transmittance performance, bringing the best visual experience to every mass consumer, special processing The craftsmanship can last as new even if worn for a long time. 3. Dreamtime series resin lenses: This series of lenses is specially designed for young people with large eyesight. The products are continuously integrated into the latest production technology, and each pair of lenses is produced and tested through strict procedures. Practical lenses with the characteristics of safety, durability, comfort, etc., can meet the eye needs of the majority of young people. 4. Ziguang series resin lens: adopting the most advanced production technology in the world, so that the manufacture of each pair of lenses is strictly controlled by a number of procedures, and after multiple quality checks, the firmness of the film is getting stronger and stronger. Make sure that every pair of lenses you use are of high quality and high comfort. 5. Bright sword series resin lenses: Bright sword series resin lenses are high-quality resin lenses tailor-made according to the physiological characteristics and living habits of people. From the beginning of selecting lens materials, we must strictly control them. They are all processed with safe resin materials and are not easy to break. The impact resistance is strong, and the film is durable and easy to clean. It is a very ideal multilayer film lens suitable for consumers to wear, and it is also one of the best multilayer film lenses in China. In the future development, Zunlong will devote itself to the field of optics to provide the glasses industry with the best quality and most comfortable lens products.
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