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How can I face mask in harmony glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-19
We often see the stars at the airport wearing glasses, masks grand appearance, but so dress up people certainly know whether frame glasses or sunglasses, wear masks, exhale steam can make his glasses on a layer of mist, seriously hampered the line of sight. So how do we make glasses and masks in harmony? Recommended reading: put on mouth-muffle sunglasses and I don't know who you are, but because of who I am? Can you guess a few stars? Small make up the following tips are summarized, such as 'with soap and water', 'detergent' many tricks, such as pin mask or glasses along, in order to find out the best solution, small make up of these tips to verify one by one. Experiment 1: wipe wet soap glasses the fog dispersed 2 seconds ahead of the experiment process: indoor temperature is 18 degrees Celsius have been measured in the morning. Small make up the glasses on one piece of coated with wet soap, then the lenses with glasses cloth to wipe clean; Another lens not apply anything. And then to the two lenses I breathe, hang the fog let both lens surface. As you can see, been wet soap daub lens, the fog about above completely in 8 seconds; And did not apply the lens of anything about 10 seconds after the fog dispersed completely. Then reporters wear glasses and masks to the outdoor experiment, the wet soap daub lens anything than those not coated lenses faster the speed of the fog dispersed. The experimental conclusion: with wet soap daub lens, although not prevent mist hung glasses, but can accelerate the speed of the fog dispersed. Experiment 2: detergent wipe glasses formation water affects the line of sight of the experiment: then, on the small make up will not wet soap daub lens coated with detergent, and glasses cloth to wipe the lenses. Small make up to the lens I breathe, the lens does not appear in the fog, it forms a layer of water. And when the small make up wearing glasses and masks to the outdoor experiment, coated with detergent lenses, although no fog, but when too much attached to the glasses on the surface of the water drops, easy to cause blurred vision. Experimental conclusion: use detergent, daub lens can prevent mist hung glasses, but if the fog is overmuch, forming droplets adhere to the surface of the glasses too much, cause blurred vision, of any of anti fog and does not affect the effect of the line of sight. Experiment 3: glasses on masks fog effect of the best experimental process: many people will choose to press the glasses with a pair of glasses on the mask, in the lens to prevent mist from the mask. So it is feasible? Small make up wear not blot out anything on the glasses, the glasses wearing masks along the pressure, and to the outdoor experiment. Through this method, the glasses did not appear the fog, but after walking distance, small make up found that due to the glasses away from eyes, far it is not comfortable to wear. Recommended reading: hat + glasses temperament of restoring ancient ways to build a special experimental conclusion: male will take along the glasses pin mask, prevent mist effect is good, can wear glasses too long can cause eye discomfort. Comprehensive the above: the effect of experiment 3 is best, but the glasses are far away from glasses, wearing uncomfortable, we can try to mask wear point, shorten the distance of glasses and masks, to prevent slip of glasses, you can add a hat. Slip friction with glasses and a hat to prevent glasses. Above is the glasses and hat several methods of harmony, if the above method is not solve all the troubles, can choose a pair of contact lenses to try, or choose a pair of anti-fog lens, so as not to appear out of the heat will make glasses on a layer of mist restricting the view.
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