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How can no sunglasses concave shape in the airport?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
When it comes to the airport, we will talk about? Does the airport taking snapshots and duty-free shopping! Whether taking snapshots or shopping, teenage girls are at the airport in large hope myself dressed as a focal point, this time send sunglasses is good use! How to see the beautiful girls concave shape! ! ! ! 1, hot supermodel Miranda - mom Chloe airport mirror type: at this time a pair of classic frog mirror surface become top priority in the match, to boost overall modelling trend index. Her supermodel Miranda - Chloe has done for us a good example. Unique dress collocation suit jacket is contracted, nude pointy shoes ornament just right, enough that appear in the airport. In addition, be sure to remember that coat draped over the shoulder! That was a tide! 2, Jessica - 'beauty' chocolate Alba airport mirror type: cut the long Bob's more intellectual temperament, she wear still concise, hat and sunglasses add a bright spot, concise and fashionable. And this outfit is perfect for shopping at the airport well, pointed flat shoes start to not tired but not tacky ~ 3, putting the airport mirror type: putting not even appear in the airport, the fashionable sunglasses with a suit, fashion brand, the aura is dye-in-the-wood. 4, rosie - models Han Paddington - Whitman li airport mirror type: wear a personal style, leather stretched body line with short boots, highlight the big long legs, a pair of fashionable sunglasses more highlight handsome charming color! 5, broken flower skirt with shoulder-straps comfortable white sneaker collocation, youthful. The wind is very height skirt is holiday.
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