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How can people with various face shapes avoid 'swollen face'? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-21
September is another peak period of the year when the amount of ultraviolet rays is relatively large. Many people used to think that sunglasses were used to put on a cool 'sharp shape'. Now more and more people are aware of the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. However, people who don't usually wear sunglasses or glasses, suddenly have to face the problem of choosing sunglasses, and do feel confused and confused. Sunglasses are more conspicuous than glasses, and it is easy to make your face look swollen if you don't choose the lens color and frame style. The clerk of the optical shop will teach you how to choose a sunglasses that is more suitable for you. 1: People with round faces are better to choose a thick rectangular frame style with four distinct corners of the frame. The frame with edges and corners can modify the round face shape and make the facial contour appear deeper. If you not only have a round face, but also have a relatively large face, you should be especially careful not to wear butterfly-shaped sunglasses. Although butterfly-shaped sunglasses are always said to have a face-lifting effect, for people with round faces, especially those with bulging cheeks, wearing butterfly-shaped sunglasses will make the lower part of the face particularly conspicuous. 2: People with a long face and a pointed chin are very suitable for butterfly-shaped sunglasses. In addition, the teardrop-shaped frame can easily create a sexy atmosphere, which is a good partner for people with long faces. If the face is relatively small, then try to choose thin-framed sunglasses, especially the style with a luxurious design, which will make the wearer look elegant and high-end. 3: People with oval and square faces The legendary 'oval face' is almost incompatible with all styles of sunglasses. It can be said to be a universal face shape. People with square faces tend to give people a very 'fierce' impression. Wearing sunglasses with no corners and rounded frame edges can give people a gentle and friendly impression.
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