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How can the same pink eye shadow swollen bags

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Pink eye shadow draw well, can be called a peach blossom makeup, painting is bad is swollen bags! So for our Asian girl is not profound glasses, it is really can't draw! Small make up a cry dizzy hundreds of times in the toilet. Pink eye shadow on the way and the product ah. Miranda Kerr look! Chloe is very like painting pink eye makeup, and cheek is red the same color, looks very match, super person have? She also with pink eye shadow with a big red lips, to feel completely at ordinary times don't take a look, didn't match together also is very good-looking! So don't imagine not appropriate to deny it, you can also try at ordinary times, don't try again how can anyone know whether suitable for you? Cecilia liu if you think our features for Chinese reference lower, then look at it. Poem can be compared to a typical Chinese girl's appearance, no deep eyes and wide double-fold eyelid, is more delicate. But she painted pink eye shadow is also very good ah, the light is not very obvious, but it is very comfortable. Looks gentle like water, particularly attractive, as long as a little pink to the ornament is good, if you still feel how you take it bad? Then you should think about it, buy the wrong product? Or is to draw the wrong way? Then we will talk about points situation. First, how to draw! Give you a reference to three types of one: gao model girl wind pinky red makeup gao based, this is also the joker makeup look. Goddess of gao wedding drew it, you can imagine. Key is that he is not only beautiful and super easy! As long as the choice of color, the dosage of good control. The rest is makeup surface must be clean, cheek is red lipstick is not to be too bright-coloured colour with respect to OK. Dating, to work, go shopping, you can think of it can be used almost all occasions. The location of the eye features, daub range is too big. Eye shadow dosage control also good, not too much. Can a few apply for many times, more insurance. Eye head color slightly heavier, eye end had taken lightly. Design 2: fan bingbing, pink gold feminine makeup of the fan bingbing this eye makeup is more shiny piece carry, made to reconcile the champagne gold and pink. Gentle in do not break lively, especially for pale girl. 步骤1。 The dotted line in the left-hand image annotation daub nude eye shadow render large scope, is advantageous to the next layer of eye shadow show chromaticity improved. Then range within the double eyelid fold daub pink eye shadow, pay attention to the position of the eye end triangle also not missing. 步骤2。 With dark brown or black eye shadow do extensive action in the eye end, daub of golden pearl eye in eye head position, improve eye. 步骤3。 After painting thin eyeliner and mascara is completed. Three styles: lidle like Korean peach blossom makeup lidle like this with a darker pink, look more charming. Don't pick color of skin, skin health MM is suitable. 步骤1。 On your bare eye at first nude or cream-colored eye shadow to render, position from the eye to eye end, the daub of large area. So do a render, behind the color of the overlay will be more color. 步骤2。 And then take out your pink eye shadow, tu of the location on the top of the line, probably covered the entire eye fold of parts is ok. Area is smaller than the render of beige. The first floor, next to the root ministry of eyelash blotted out. The second layer, can increase local eye end, the rest of the next line of position had taken lightly. 步骤3。 Within the eyelashes draw a shallow eyeliner, eye end a little bold, elongate. 第四。 , then coated with mascara, peach blossom beauty makeup will be completed in this paper, from the boring net yet, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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