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How do you initially determine whether you have astigmatism? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
Many people know that they are short-sighted and may not know that they have astigmatism. When fitting glasses, most people usually go to the optician to directly match myopia. Maybe many opticians will not perform systematic optometry, so you don't know that you have astigmatism. It is suggested that you should make a preliminary judgment on whether you have astigmatism, especially if many people who wear glasses for a long time have blurred vision at night, it may be astigmatism. So how should we judge whether we are reflective? 1. There is a double image when looking at things. In fact, one of the characteristics of larger astigmatism is that you have double images when you look at things. Especially for some myopic friends, our glasses have a very standard power, but you are looking at some Things, especially things you see at night, still have ghost images, most of which are accompanied by corresponding astigmatism, so everyone must pay special attention to a visual effect after wearing glasses daily. It is recommended that everyone should have a vision check every year, especially those with high myopia, to prevent other problems. Second, there is a sense of ambiguity. Many times, astigmatism is seen at a distance, and there is a certain sense of ambiguity. Especially when we are watching high-definition movies or TV, there may be ghosting or blurring, but our eyes have been matched to the appropriate power, and this problem will not occur when we look at close distances, most of them There is also astigmatism. If you always feel that some things at a distance will appear blurred, you may have an astigmatism problem. Third, the light changes. Most people with astigmatism may find that when they look at the light at night, you will find that the light is really glamorous and you can’t see clearly, or when you look up at the moon, there will be a similar situation. . I suggest that if you have such a situation, you should go to the hospital for a timely check. There is a 90% chance that you have had astigmatism, but you don’t know it. At this time, you need to replace a spectacle lens that can correct astigmatism, so as to ensure a clearer visual effect.
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