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How from lens function and color choosing sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-16
Steps closer to the spring, spring outing day again to come, but how could a good spring less a sunglasses? The problem comes, sunglasses how to choose? In fact, the most important place in the sunglasses on the 'mirror'. So, science for you today, how to choose sunglasses from lens function and color. 【 1 】 Lens function of choosing the most important is to choose sunglasses fastidious lens is good or bad, from the lens also can see that the cost of this sunglasses, can according to their own activities of the environment, to select the corresponding lenses. Let's take a look at the lens common features: 1, resistance to mirror slice is introduced: the most basic function of sunglasses due, surface coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride, in order to prevent the strong light reflection, look at things from the strong light interference in the sun. Detection: glasses on the light source can be, if you see purple or green reflection, then said lenses do have painted antireflection protective film. Suitable for: usually walk to and from work, play, etc. Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses C2 red box grey leg/gold 2, resistance to UV lens: introduction: should choose when buying sunglasses have a UV400, because this kind of lens can block ultraviolet light; While the sun glasses luminosity can be reduced, and can't block ultraviolet light. Detection: with money and yanchao pen. $one hundred bills have anti-counterfeiting watermark, sunglass lenses on the watermark, illuminates with yanchao pen in lens, if you still can see the watermark is this pair of sunglasses is not uv protection, if can't see, is this pair of sunglasses for uv protection. Suitable for: plateau, outdoor sports, etc. 3, color lenses is introduced: color lens on the lens to join silver halide chemicals, let originally transparent colorless lens, meets the glare will turn into a colored lenses. Detection: high quality color lenses, discoloration speed, quicker response ability to the environment, put under sunlight BianSeJing about 10 minutes, which should reach maximum color depth, or discoloration of poor quality. Will have in daylight color glasses to the dark, lens surgery for high-quality BianSeJing time no more than 20 minutes. Suitable for: outdoor field, snow, indoor light source, the workplace, to prevent sunlight, ultraviolet light, dazzling glow to eye damage. 1 sunglasses factory. Aspheric surface discoloration ash (67 Membrane change) 【 2 】 Sunglasses color choose 1, dark brown, the ultraviolet ray and infrared ray can be fully absorbed, and the colour change is relatively soft, can create a more comfortable glasses. Suitable for: driving, dust, fog and other weather 2, gray, the lens is more neutral lens, in the light of weaker at the same time, not too big change things true colors. Suitable for: outdoor outing driving 3, green, and gray are of neutral color, because of the green light is strong, comfortable for eyes easily tired people use. But because the green color makes the surrounding scenery. Suitable for: outdoor all can use 4, water silver, because the lens surface using high density mirror coating, so can more easily reflect visible light, more suitable for long time in the outdoor sports. Suitable for: outdoor sports, mountain climbing, etc. 5, and blue, in daily use is not recommended, it for day-to-day discolouration of the landscape is relatively serious, it is best not to wear in daily life too deep blue lenses, but blue lens can effectively eliminate the water of the sea and the sky of light reflex is suitable for: how according to the function of the lens and the color is more than the sea is to choose sunglasses, buying sunglasses friend, don't just think of concave shape, think about your own eyes!
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