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How is refractive error in children treated? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-26
Myopia is more common in children. In addition to myopia, there are two major categories of refractive errors: farsightedness and astigmatism. For different refractive errors, the treatment methods are very different, but regardless of the treatment method, the scientific eye protection is Very importantly, let's take a look at how to treat children's refractive errors. First, we must first pass mydriatic refraction to determine whether it is pseudomyopia. There are pseudomyopia and true myopia. For children's optometry, mydriatic refraction is generally used. If mydriatic refraction is used, it is possible to know whether it is true myopia. . If it is true myopia, it is enough to equip the child with appropriate glasses. And it should be noted that for myopic children, when the glasses are worn for a certain period of time, if they are uncomfortable, they should be replaced in time. . Second, pseudo-myopia can use eye drops that relax the ciliary muscles to help promote the recovery of vision. If it is pseudo-myopia, you can use eye drops that relax the ciliary muscles to help promote the recovery of vision, but it should not be overused. Pay attention to rest and do eye exercises when you are tired. 3. Wearing an orthokeratology lens to correct vision It is suitable for children, because the care of this orthokeratology lens is complicated, and it is not suitable for students with heavier studies. Moreover, if the care is not good, it is easy to cause eye disease. The preparation of the orthokeratology lens also requires a high degree of expertise and must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Fourth, hyperopia, if you can correct hyperopia with spectacles, if your vision is normal, there are no symptoms, or physical phenomena, you don’t need treatment. But if you have eyesight fatigue and your eyesight has been affected, you must get glasses in time, wear convex lenses for correction, and take children to check their eyesight regularly. As children's eyes develop, their vision will also change, so if you check your eyesight, you can better adjust the glasses you are equipped with. For children with astigmatism, if it is mild and has no symptoms, no correction is required. However, if symptoms affect vision, you need to use cylindrical lenses for correction, concave cylindrical lenses for myopic astigmatism, and convex columns for hyperopic astigmatism. lens.
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