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How is the effect of femtosecond laser myopia surgery?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Femtosecond laser myopia surgery has been particularly concerned by myopia groups in recent years. Because femtosecond laser myopia surgery is more secure than traditional myopia surgery, many myopia groups consider performing myopia surgery to achieve normal vision. Femtosecond laser myopia surgery is also risky as an eye surgery. Let’s take a look at the results of femtosecond laser myopia surgery. Femtosecond laser myopia surgery uses lasers to make corneal flaps, which is safer than traditional laser surgery using blades. The produced corneal flaps are also very accurate, which greatly reduces the sequelae of the corneal flap displacement, freeing, and corneal infection. . Femtosecond laser myopia surgery for myopia uses femtoseconds to make corneal flaps, which are monitored by a computer, and the production is accurate, and the surgical risk factor is also reduced. In addition, the operation time is relatively short, the pain during or after the operation is small, and the vision recovery is quicker after the operation. Femtosecond laser myopia surgery can not only correct myopia, but also correct hyperopia and astigmatism. Although femtosecond laser myopia surgery has good results, it is more eye surgery. Although femtosecond laser myopia surgery reduces the risk, it still has risks. After some operations, glare appears and night vision is reduced. For drivers, eye surgery needs to be cautious. And dry eyes appeared after the operation. Femtosecond laser myopia surgery reduces the complications of the corneal flap, but there are still risks. After all, the knife is operated on the corneal flap. Some patients after myopia surgery will have severe keratitis, and in severe cases, corneal transplantation may be required. In some cases, vision loss occurs, and in some cases, if the collision occurs due to an accident, it will cause the corneal valve to split and cause related complications.
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