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How jinchen glasses to interpret fashion unique charm?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Jinchen, 90 after the new flower girl, beautiful and interesting, also has a proud figure. The girl who loves dancing to the life full of passion, here is the bright sunny girl next door into his glasses for unique understanding of fashion. Fashion, is not to forget the attitude of the beginner's mind the wind kicked up along the Banks of the Seine in the air every shining, a breeze through gentle bang, see Chloe optical mirror every pose for her elegant ornament, beauty beauty 'mirror'. Delicate and retro glasses add endless female charm for its shape. CE2128 glasses cixin using the framework of restoring ancient ways with double bridge design, the material of metal more show delicate, the whole line is concise and elegant, all show women's elegant charm. Is fashion, casual and comfortable wanton stroll, found along the way. Stop to stay and playful whimsy of street snap, little not Karl unabashed Lagerfeld fine company, a bit long eyelashes overflow round sunglasses, the desire to an intimate contact with the world. KL901S this USES of restoring ancient ways round frame glasses, texture rich plank coarse frame collocation thick mirror legs, very full of design feeling and do not break vogue charm. Fashion, unabashed individuality is even without the red carpet, much-anticipated jinchen smile on the face can add charm, its wear pouring out of the MCM glasses let turneth the edge of fashion, geometric metal edge lens to cover the color of the pupil, but resist the unique pure elegant demeanor. MCM605SA can remove the geometry of the metal edge lenses create original but do not lose fashionable avant-courier of picture frame. MCM brand logo and natural color contrast, will be more abundant elements into fashion design. Series with black with bright gold, tortoise shell color matchs with the aureate and bright blue with bright light golden. This article from the glasses net completely, if you want to delete, please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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