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How long can I wear monthly contact lenses that are not commonly used? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
Most people wear contact lenses occasionally, especially when going out to play or have some more important activities. We hope to make ourselves more beautiful, so we choose contact lenses. There are many different types of contact lens styles, as long as we can choose according to our needs, we can choose suitable contact lenses. But if we choose monthly contact lenses, we don’t wear them often, can we use them for a longer period of time? 1. Can I wear contact lenses every month for only one month? Many people wear contact lenses four or five times a month, but after all, the price of moonlight contact lenses is relatively favorable, so everyone will still buy such contact lenses. But everyone must pay special attention to that since you buy monthly contact lenses, the use cycle is one month. It is also recommended that you must calculate it after opening it, if it exceeds 30 days, it will not be able to wear it. Monthly contact lenses actually have a life span. Second, can I prolong my life if I don't wear it frequently? After all, some friends really don’t wear contact lenses very often, and they may not be able to bring them once a week. We bought monthly contact lenses. Under such a situation, can’t we extend its service life? In fact, it really can’t extend its service life, because your contact lens is constantly in use after opening. Although it is soaked in the contact lens care solution, it will also have problems such as bacterial growth and protein precipitation, and it may even be possible. Will affect its oxygen permeability and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that if you buy Moon Cannon contact lenses, you must calculate the date. After opening, contact lenses can no longer be used for a long time. If we really don't wear contact lenses very often, we can also buy contact lenses that are disposable. You throw away the contact lenses after each use. The second time you wear a brand new contact lens, it will not have any effect on your eyes.
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