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How long can the contact lens care solution be unused after opening? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
For the convenience of daily cleaning of contact lenses, many people will directly buy large bottles of contact lens care solution. As long as they have a suitable care solution, daily care of contact lenses will be much more convenient. And there are often activities at the school, we can stock up some care solutions, which can also save a lot of money. But if the care solution has been opened, how long can it be used? Can it be used until the expiry date on the box? 1. Try to use it up within three months after opening. Regardless of whether you usually wear contact lenses or not, it is recommended that everyone should replace the eyeglass care solution within three months after opening. In fact, the contact lens care solution was sealed before, so its shelf life may be two or three years. However, once it is opened, the inside will be oxidized to a certain extent when it comes in contact with the air. After three months, there will be a certain amount of oxidation in the contact lens care solution. A lot of bacteria grow, and the cleaning power will be reduced, so it is absolutely impossible to use it continuously. 2. Why can't the care solution continue to be used? Maybe everyone thinks that the contact lens care solution package has written that it can be used continuously for two or three years. This is the shelf life. Why is there a contact lens care solution that will be used up in a short time after opening? What about the situation? Introduction There are actually many active ingredients in the contact lens care solution, which can help us to remove the protein and bacteria, so that the contact lens can guarantee a relatively good cleaning effect. When the care solution is used for a long time, or it has been in an unsealed state, the active ingredients in it will gradually become useless. Third, it is important to change the care solution regularly. Now by purchasing the contact lens care solution, the price is not too high. If you really have less daily practical contact lens care solution, you will not wear contact lens once or twice a week. Just buy a 120ml vial of care solution directly. In this way, replacing the contact lenses every three months can ensure the quality of the contact lenses and also protect your eyes.
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