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How long does it take to get glasses fitted? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
The time to wear glasses varies accordingly, not exactly the same. Moreover, due to the specific conditions of the eyes, the optometry used is also different, the time consumed is also different, and the time required for the selection of lenses and the selection of frames is also different. In addition, in addition to refractive errors, there are also some non-myopia groups equipped with flat lenses. Then, how long it takes to wear glasses, let's take a look at it in detail. First, children’s glasses need to be dilated. Generally, it takes a longer period. If you are a child, you need to do a dilated refraction. If you wear glasses, you still need to see the results of mydriasis. Glasses can be fitted only after optometry. Generally speaking, if the pupil is dilated, a re-examination will be carried out three days later. After the re-examination, glasses can be fitted. Because the methods of pupil dilation are also different, the time required to wear glasses is also different. Second, if you have used glasses before, you can usually get them in two to three hours. If you have used glasses before, you can usually try on the glasses after optometry on the same day. If you have ready-made glasses, you can get the glasses in about two hours. , If you need to adjust the goods, you can get it the next day. Third, special people, customized lenses, the actual need to wait is longer. For people with special refractive conditions, if you are equipped with glasses, because there are no ready-made glasses lenses, many of them need to be customized, and you need to wait a few days to get the glasses. It usually takes three or four days to get it. For people with normal naked eyesight, many people will wear a pair of flat glasses due to certain needs. If they are flat glasses, it will be faster to wear glasses. For flat glasses, follow the customer's requirements. Meaning, some people can get an optometry if their vision is a bit blurred. If you don’t need optometry, you can directly choose lenses and frames, which can be done in about an hour. If you don’t have one, you can usually get them the next day if you need to adjust the goods.
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