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How long is it better to buy contact lenses? What's the difference? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Every time they buy contact lenses, many people are wondering how long it takes to buy them. Nowadays, the common contact lenses have short-period models, which are generally sold daily and bi-weekly. There are also many long-period models, such as monthly, semi-annual or annual. The price of different types of contact lenses will also have certain differences, and the use time will also be affected. So how long is it better to buy and discard contact lenses? Daily throwing is healthier If it is from a health point of view, it is true that daily throwing contact lenses are healthier. Wear it every day and discard it. This is very convenient, and the comfort and hydration of daily disposable contact lenses should be better. However, the price of daily disposable contact lenses is relatively high. Although the unit price is not necessarily higher than the annual selling price, it is definitely more expensive to sell daily. But if you wear contact lenses often, daily throwing is more appropriate. Monthly disposal is cost-effective because we don't necessarily wear contact lenses every day, and in terms of cost performance, monthly disposal is indeed more cost-effective. There are often certain discounts. If we can buy some major brands of contact lenses, the monthly sales will definitely be more cost-effective. Moreover, monthly disposables are generally recommended to be worn for only about 25 days, especially not for continuous wear, otherwise it may affect our subsequent eye hygiene, etc., try to let the eyes have time to rest. Annual disposal is prone to pollution. Indeed, from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, the prices for annual and semi-annual disposal are more favorable. There are many imported brands of contact lenses that are generally sold at around two or three hundred yuan per pair, while daily ones are sold. Contact lenses may cost about 20 to 30 yuan a day. But it is recommended that if you wear contact lenses often, the short-period version is better. It is easy to be polluted every year, and it is very difficult to guarantee absolute cleanliness for more than 300 days. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the sanitary condition.
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