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How long is the shelf life of contact lens solution? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
When we buy contact lenses, we generally need to stock up a lot of care solutions, because contact lenses cannot be maintained without care solutions, otherwise it may also cause certain problems with contact lenses. In fact, the contact lens care solutions sold are all regular brand products, and the quality is also very good while the price is favorable. However, contact lens care solutions also have a shelf life, so how long is the shelf life? The unopened package has a shelf life of several years because many people are willing to stock up. Contact lens care solutions generally have a shelf life of about 3 years if they are not opened. However, there is a major premise that they cannot be opened. If it is opened, there must be no such long shelf life. Therefore, when we buy contact lens care solutions, we must pay attention to its shelf life. It is necessary to pay attention to the time when hoarding more care solutions at one time. Try not to use some care solutions until the end of the period. After unpacking, the care solution can only be used for 3 months. Even if we don’t use a lot of care solutions daily, it is recommended that you still use all the care solutions within 3 months after unpacking, otherwise it may expire. The effect of taking out the protein will also have a certain impact, and some bactericidal active substances may no longer be effective. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the basic replacement of the care solution. Only in this way can the effect of care for contact lenses be guaranteed. Will expired care solutions have an impact? It is not recommended that you use expired care solutions. If you have already started using it, you may experience dry itchy eyes or some infections. It is also recommended that every time you buy some small bottles of care solution, try to buy one set at a time, so that it is basically enough for us to use for half a year, and then we can purchase it later. Don’t stock up too much, otherwise the expiration date will have an impact.
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