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How many days after my mydriasis can I wear glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
Mydriasis is something that many teenagers and children will encounter in glasses. Generally, first-time glasses users also need to undergo mydriatic optometry. Mydriatic optometry can not only give a good understanding of whether it is true myopia, but also clearly know the eyes. a nearsighted state. For different people, mydriasis is also different, and glasses after mydriasis is also personal. Mydriatic optometry is mainly because the adjustment ability of the ciliary muscle of the eye exists, which affects the results and cannot accurately judge the situation of myopia. In adolescent myopia, the adjustment ability of the eye is relatively strong, and the adjustment ability of the eye will increase the refractive power, so After pupil dilation, the ability to adjust can be paralyzed, and pupil dilation can accurately detect myopia or hyperopia. Due to the different methods of mydriasis and the different doses used, the time required is also different. Generally, for children aged 3-12, use 1% atropine eye ointment for three consecutive days, the fourth day for optometry, and try it after three weeks. glasses. For teenagers aged 12-18, eye drops are used to dilate the pupils, optometry is performed one hour later, and an audition is performed ten days later. For those who wear glasses after the age of 18, optometry can be done half an hour after mydriasis, and glasses can be tried on the next day. The mydriasis of some children is not completely in accordance with this, which also depends on the actual situation of the individual and the situation of the hospital. Some children have chronic mydriasis, and it takes about three weeks to get glasses, while others take a month. It is not the first time for some teenagers to wear glasses, and some can undergo rapid dilation, and they can wear glasses the next day. Therefore, it is not an absolute answer to wear glasses for a few days with mydriasis.
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