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How many glasses can not choose sun not summer

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
In addition to watermelon, beer, crayfish, the standard and sunglasses in the summer. Just be cool but this summer, don't prepare a few popular sunglasses how to face the sun burning heart, sun stroke? 玛尼- ME603S this glasses is in the shape of unique pentagram frames at the same time fusion metal sheet and texture rich, present a chic modelling and color at the same time create a contrast effect, overall has been impressive. FIG. Marni ME603S products ME602S this round glasses lens with prominent frame line, reflect a kind of chic, the outline of the metal mirror legs camber half box design, this series fashionable personality. MCM602SA product figure Calvin Klein Collection - CK8027S sunglasses this designed for using titanium nasal pilot sunglasses styles, the T stage for the first time after striking appearance, reappearance in Calvin Klein Collection of the latest AD campaign. Green lens unique ponder style with classic reverse hinge design, low profile and do not break individual character. Cool handsome modelling to give you a different summer! FIG. Calvin Klein CK2087S products CK3174S this chic glasses design, creative use transparent plate texture, reflect unique brand characteristics, slender legs with gradient lenses lens, such a pair of glasses as if feel a cool breeze stroke, a cool summer. CK3174S product figure LACOSTE L790SOG this LACOSTE released this special L. 12. 12 special edition glasses series, salute to the iconic polo design. Fashion model case design to add to the color design inspired by the flag and the crocodile logo, make sports fans from all over the world for his national team support. Line 8 representative glasses color in different countries, including: France, Brazil, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, the United States and Turkey. On behalf of Germany the glasses that grabs an eye color makes you different! Ruby roth articles from Chinese glasses net L790SOG products, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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