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How many years can hard contact lenses be worn? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-22
When we choose contact lenses, everyone must still consider their actual situation. Many of my friends prefer to buy hard contact lenses. They are indeed more comfortable and can be worn for a long time, with better oxygen permeability. Although many people think that the fitting of hard contact lenses is more troublesome, but the comfort is better after all, so for friends who wear contact lenses for a long time, such a product is indeed worth choosing. However, many people are consulting hard contact lenses for a few years. Let’s briefly introduce them today. 1. Replacement of hard contact lenses in about three years. Everyone should know that the strength and toughness of hard contact lenses are quite good, and as long as they are properly taken care of daily, there is basically no possibility of too many deposits or cracks, and it is not easy There is a problem of scratching, so the service life is longer. Introduce common types of hard contact lenses. Generally, there will be no problems if they are worn for three years. Even if they are worn every day, they can guarantee a good wearing condition, but it is not recommended to wear them for a long time. They should be replaced at least every three years. . Second, check the condition of contact lenses at any time because everyone cares differently, and hard contact lenses require special care solutions, which are completely different from soft and eye care methods, so be sure to pay special attention to good contact lenses The basic nursing situation. And it is recommended that you should check it when you wear it every day. If there is really any contact lens damage or other problems, it may really need to be replaced. Many people's hard contact lenses are replaced once every 1-2 years, and it is precisely because they have not done a good job of protecting them. Third, product quality affects wearing time. In terms of product quality, although the quality of hard contact lenses is good, we must also pay special attention to the overall quality. The quality of hard contact lenses of each brand will be very different, so we must still pay attention to the actual situation of contact lenses. It is more recommended that you check your eyes and hard contact lenses every year, and go to the hospital for confirmation, so that you can know whether your contact lenses can still be worn.
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