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How much are cheaper lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-19
The quality of color contact lenses is the main factor that directly affects the wearing effect of color lenses and the price of color lenses. However, with the rapid development of the beauty contact lens industry, the competition among the major brands of color contact lenses has become more and more intense, and the price fluctuations have also become larger and larger. For genuine color contact lenses on the official website, or professional color contact lens wholesale markets, what is the price of color contact lenses, or how much is the cheaper color contact lens? Let's take a look. Each contact lens product has its manufacturing cost, marketing cost, and shipping cost, etc. Among these costs, the material cost, labor cost, shipping cost, packaging cost, design cost, etc. of the color contact lens product are included, as well as advertising costs. The cost of publicity, or the cost of promotion on the Internet, adds up to about 100 yuan. However, in the market, you often see some 20 or 30 yuan of beauty contact lenses, which are all about the quality and production engineering. So back to the topic above, how much is the cheaper color contact lens, the answer is not fixed. Because the price of US contact lenses is not only determined by the quality, the brand and the business model of the merchants also determine the price of US contact lenses. For example, taking a brand as an example, a regular, professional and well-known manufacturer of color lenses costs 70 to 80 yuan for cheaper lenses. However, due to the different business models of major brands, the prices will also be different. For example, the 'MTOC' office building business model is a business model of brand direct sales + low channel cost, which reduces circulation costs. half the price. That is to say, if it is 100 yuan to buy it on other official official websites of color contact lenses, it can be won at 50 yuan. All in all, when buying color lenses, you must choose a merchant with a good reputation, that is, a merchant with a 'Medical Device Product Business Licensestores and brands.
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