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How much do myopia sunglasses cost? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-10
There are many people with myopia, it is more troublesome to wear sunglasses in summer, so many outdoor workers will choose to wear myopia sunglasses directly, so that they can be worn directly outdoors, and they can also have a good protective effect on their eyes. . There are many color-changing lenses, which can directly play the effect of sunglasses, and there are also some colored sunglasses that can be equipped with myopia. But how much does this kind of sunglasses cost? 1. The lens is different, the price is also different. In fact, the most important factor in the price of myopia sunglasses is the lens. If we want to ensure that our good eyesight is not affected, it will definitely be more secure to choose high-end lenses. There are also different types of myopia sunglasses in China, but there are still some differences in price. For example, ordinary myopia sunglasses now cost at least a few hundred yuan for a pair, but if it is a color-changing lens, it is basically about 1,000 yuan now. In addition, we must pay special attention to the refractive index of myopic lenses. Although they are sunglasses, they are still myopic lenses. They only have some functions of sunglasses. Then the price of lenses with higher refractive index will be higher. Therefore, we must still pay attention to the choice of good lenses. There are different brands of lenses, the price is favorable, and they are all guaranteed to be genuine. It is not difficult for us to buy, and we can also enjoy very low prices. Second, the price of color-changing lenses is different from that of ordinary sunglasses. If we always have to change glasses when we go indoors and when we go out, it is estimated that many people find it troublesome, especially if we go out often every day, we may have to wear two glasses. Then it is recommended that you can directly choose color-changing lenses, so that when the ultraviolet rays are strong, you can directly change the color. The price of this kind of lens is definitely higher. If the imported lens is matched with the frame, it may cost a few thousand yuan or more. But the price of ordinary sunglasses will be slightly lower, so it still depends on your needs.
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