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How much do you know about the structure of the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Bring sunglasses and can even talk about their own views, but when it comes to the structure of the sunglasses many jaw-dropping! Small make up teach you today to meet sunglasses structure: the structure of sunglasses color = + polarization + specular reflection + anti scratch + uv coating color: the color of the lenses that determines the lenses can absorb spectrum which parts of the light. Manufacturers use the use of different colors to produce a specific effect. Here we introduce some good general color: 1, a good general color is gray, while reduce the brightness, the color distortion. Grey lens can provide glare protection, makes it ideal for driving, and general purpose. 2 brown, amber and general color also is very good. They can reduce glare effects, in addition to ultraviolet light, its unique molecules can also absorb a higher frequency of color, such as blue. Studies have shown that long-term accept near ultraviolet light, For example, blue and purple) Illuminate, is one of the pathogenic factors of cataract. This kind of sunglasses the same as the yellow lenses can cause color distortion, but can increase the contrast and resolution. Part 3, green lens can filter to blue light, still can reduce glare effect. In all the colors of the lenses, the green lens can provide high contrast and large visual sharpness, so popular. Sunglasses factory ms YC9709 sunglasses sunglasses manufacturers are using a process called constant density to give the lens staining. The entire glass or polycarbonate mixture material has the same color. So in the process of making eyeglasses, the color is inside the lens. Will be a layer of molecules absorb light plating on the surface of pure polycarbonate, is also a kind of dyeing method. To dye the polycarbonate lenses commonly used method is to immerse the lens in a special liquid containing dyeing, dyeing material will be slowly absorbed by plastic. If you want to make some darker, need to extend the period of lens soaked in the liquid. Polarized light from the sun or the light bulb, such as artificial light wavelengths, both vibration and spread in all directions. Whether the light is spread of spread, reflection, or refraction, when the light is in one or more of the plane direction vibration, we say the light polarization. Polarization process can be naturally occurring, also can be artificial excitation. Every time you watch the lake to see the glare is an example of a natural polarization. From the surface of the lake reflected dazzling light is not penetrated the lake 'filter' light, which is why even if the lake is very clear and not able to see objects under the lake. Polarization filter is commonly by a layer of chemical film plating in transparent made of plastic or glass surface. In general, the use of compound molecules is natural in parallel with each other. When will they equably besmear is on the lens, they formed a small lens, can absorb all the same as the orientation of their light. Specular reflections of sunglasses lens could glance, like a mirror lenses with a very thin layer of reflective coating - — Because this is very thin layer of paint, so it is called half silver surface. Usually, the mirror coating is gradient, coating color depth gradually changing from top to bottom. It can strengthen the sunglasses's ability to withstand the light from above, and let more light and horizontal direction into the from below. This means that when you are driving, sunglasses in the keep out the sun's rays at the same time, also can let you see the dashboard. Sometimes, coating is ShuangJian changes, the color of the top and bottom of the lens depth is high, and the lens is clear in the middle. But the key to reflective sunglasses problem is that the coating is easy to scrape. Therefore, anti scratch layer is coated on the surface of the lens, and the reflective film is coated on anti scratch layer. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown glass is a natural anti scratch scratch shield, but the vast majority of plastic is not. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers, has developed a series of methods on the surface of the lens is coated with a layer of transparent and solid film. This class is the class drilling carbon film and polycrystalline diamond sintered body of matter. On lens surface through ionization process, form a very thin but very wear-resisting layer of thin film. Antireflective coating sunglasses is a common problem appeared after the glare, dazzle light is light back to the back of the lens, and reflected in your eye. Antireflection coating protection is to reduce the effect of lens this kind of reflection of light. Like scratch shield, antireflective coating is one of the lenses is very strong, very thin layer of membrane. Uv coating is one of the causes of some serious eye disease: ultraviolet light. According to the different frequency and wavelength, ultraviolet ray is divided into two categories: uva and uvb rays. As A kind of natural eye protection mechanism, all people eye cornea can absorb ultraviolet (uv) and the vast majority of ultraviolet B A. Long exposure to intense ultraviolet light can cause eye cancer or actinic keratitis, namely retinal burn. This often happens to snow in winter outdoors, sunny day after snow reflects the sun glare, which is often called snow blindness. Sunglasses have a good uv protection coating, can eliminate the ultraviolet (uv) radiation, you must make sure that your sunglasses can effectively filter the two kinds of ultraviolet light. The sunglasses should be marked on the label of the sunglasses can provide what level of uv protection, and all you need is 100% of the protection. See if the above introduction had a deeper understanding of the structure of the sunglasses? Using quality sunglasses polaroid sunglasses factory, give you a clear view of health!
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