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How much does a pair of glasses cost? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-03
Whether it is with myopia glasses or buying other products, most people want to see high quality and low price. A pair of glasses products with guaranteed quality, professional science in optometry, and superb mirror-making technology, the price is also low between 200-300 yuan. However, there are various styles of glasses, and the prices of different materials, different regions, different brands, and different businesses are different. Especially for different optical shops, the price difference of glasses is relatively large. The most important thing in matching glasses is to first determine the glasses merchants. A regular glasses store will have a 'Medical Device Business LicenseOpticians. However, for the two more traditional optical shops, Baodao and Doctor, the main business area is the city center. The rent of the shop is high, which leads to the high cost of glasses. Therefore, a pair of glasses costs about 600-1000 yuan. . For example, the newly emerging brand optical shops in China adopt the 'MTOC' direct sales model, which reduces the circulation cost of glasses and the rent of the shop, so the same glasses can save half the price. Optometry is also more important after confirming the optometry business. The traditional computer optometry and medical optometry are not comprehensive enough to comprehensively detect other diseases in the eye. When you wear myopia glasses, you can choose the Hong Kong medical standard 21-step optometry technology, which is a proprietary technology in Hong Kong. It is more professional, more scientific and more reliable than traditional computer and medical optometry. The price of glasses with myopia is not only related to the glasses business, but also to the material and brand of the glasses. For example, resin lenses are more expensive than glass lenses. However, not everyone is suitable for wearing resin lenses. You can choose different styles, quality, materials and brands of glasses according to your own needs.
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